Hopeful Romantic

I speak for the population of singles who don’t devalue the notion of marriage or question the validity of its existence in our increasingly progressive society. There’s a minority out there that still believes everyone has a soulmate, and your job on this earth isn’t over until you’ve found them. So spending valuable time and money on someone that doesn’t add significant value to your life is a waste of your hard-earned resources. Though I imagine that once someone gets their hooks into you, I don’t suppose you have a choice.

We’re told that being single for a season is necessary to the process toward becoming a more complete person, but we never really know if that’s true or not. The future stays behind its veil as it should, and we are left to just deal with what we’ve been given, however much, or little that may be. Though, there are sometimes insurmountable obstacles we face when we decide to be bound to another person. It’s like a trust exercise, never knowing how far you’ll fall, or even if anyone will be there to catch you.

So when the time does finally arrive, I’ll be sure to cherish every up, each down, and anything else that comes with a relationship. I’m a hopeful romantic, but unlike many others my age, I’ve never been one half of a real relationship, only flings that sparked and fizzled over a brief week or two. Sometimes I sit around and try to imagine what its like. Not the good times, but the day-to-day grind that causes two people to stay together for so long. I’m behind the curve, but I know that perfect timing has always been a friend to me. I want to be like everyone else, but then I remind myself that that’s never worked out before. Being myself has always worked out and has played a major role in shaping me into who I am today. I’ve always done my best to make the most of this grooming process that, once complete, will disallow me to take for granted the solitude I now have that gives me time to write things like this.

I do, however, appreciate the day of the year devoted to relational happiness, and hope all of the couples’ relationships are stronger because of it.


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